Der Schlüssel zu meinem Herzen – A little fairytale

„Oh, little did she know. Little did this girl see since having been born. Caught in a fortress, no way out of this.

Her family loved her idolatrously, not wanting her pure white soul being tainted they kept her in these walls. Everyone she loved was there and still she didn’t feel complete.

Oh, little, little girl, weren’t you lonesome? Didn’t you miss something?

One day someone found this fortress hidden in the forest. Didn’t know where to go. Didn’t know who to ask.

„Someone lead me out of this!“ A shout, the birds fled, but no answer.
„Am I gonna die here?“ Sadly sitting down this stranger looked at the walls, higher than anything he had seen before.

„Walk past this castle! Follow the little path to the river and soon you’ll see a village!“

A lovely voice coming out of this big fortress. Surprised he stood up, wanted to know more about this person. This person whose voice moved his heart.

„Come out! I beg of you, let me see your lovely face!“
„No! Don’t! I am not allowed to leave this castle!“

But the stranger didn’t want to leave without having seen the voice’s owner at least once. So climbing up one of the walls he reached the window where the beautiful maiden greeted him with a face that showed a little bit of shock, but also had a wonderful warmth in its features.

„I thank you my angel for the rescue.“
„Please go your way, my parents…“
„I don’t want to leave you here.“
„I have to stay.“
„Then here.“

He took off his necklace and carefully put it in her trembling hands.
„This is the key to my heart. I’ll come again to retrieve it one day. Wait for me…“ A light kiss on her lips. The warmth transmitted from one body to the other. Then he was gone, only leaving a necklace with a key as a pendant. This was „the key to his heart“.

Oh, little girl, little did she know about love, but she knew that she had found something precious, something her heart had longed for. So she waited and waited. Week after week, month after month, season after season.

She lost hope more and more. The loneliness reigned in her heart once more. But one day someone came again. A man with a smile so pure, so full of joy. She jumped out of the window. He caught her in his arms.
„I came to retrieve the key, princess, because you’ve already captured my heart.“

Oh, little girl, you finally found what you longed for. You finally were able to smile again. Oh, little girl even your parents let you go.

I am happy for you, because I love you, too. So just get carried away with this happiness and never cry again.“

„This was the tale about a little girl who knew little of the world, who knew little of love and one day found what she was missing with „the key to the heart“. She was my little princess.“

Ich liebe dich und wünsche dir alles Gute. Danke für all die Inspiration, die du mir gibst.

I hope you’ll someday find the one who holds the key to your heart, little princess.


4 Gedanken zu „Der Schlüssel zu meinem Herzen – A little fairytale

  1. Jedes, jedes, jedes mal wenn ich deine Worte lese, ist es als wenn mir auf der Stelle tausend Tränen aus den Augen laufen könnten.
    Habe unendlich vielen Dank für alles immer, ich kann dir garnicht so viel Liebe zurückgeben, wie du mir jeden Tag schenkst… u_ù

    Ich komme mir so… unwürdig vor. ;_; Solche Tage wie Freitag und Samstag tun mir so Leid, immernoch. Es tut mir so Leid, dass ich dich habe warten lassen. Ich wollte dir niemals dieses furchtbare Gefühl geben, Liebes, auch wenn du mir so schnell verziehen hast. ;_; *dich umarme*


    I am always in love with your beautiful stories, this one is eminently enchanting, the repetition of „Oh, little girl […]“ is a very lovely stylistic device to stress the image of the girl’s innocence. The narrative style also makes me think of a minstrel, who may accentuate the tale with a beautiful song.

    You’re so talented, my love. ; o ; <333

    I pray for you to become happy as well, dear, your happiness accomplishes mine. ❤ *cuddles Mireille* Love you~ :*

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