Once upon a time…

~I dedicate this fairytale to the people who are dear to my heart~

{My love for you is far greater than you could imagine}

Once upon a time there existed a girl who dreamt of a bright future. A simple future to others, but it was everything to her. She wanted to become someone, not only like everyone else. She wanted to find her own true self. She wanted to be someone who could be loved, she wanted to be someone who could love others and strayed on her path several of times. She struggled, lost her goal, lost her hope and found herself being trapped in an abyss again and again.

It was in one of these times that she wished for something, for something that was impossible. At least no human believed that her wish would ever come true. Everyone who heard this wish, the words slowly dripping from her very lips, turned their backs on her and forgot this little girl who was left all alone again. Days, weeks, months, years…All she had left was her tiny little dream and this one wish; the wish everyone else didn’t believe in. They never had. And so she wandered through the darkness with her hope guiding her. It was a little spark, but she truly believed it would turn into a big flame sometime. A flame that could warm her cold and trembling body.

„Hey! Why are you walking around in this forest all alone?“

She hadn’t noticed the boy who was already approaching her. Scared of what he would say she tried to distance herself from him. But the more she flinched the more he approached.

„Leave me alone!“ Her little voice was so low that it seemed to simply disappear in the huge forest.

„Why?“ Suddenly the boy stopped, watching her carefully…and a little bit surprised.

„Because….I want to be alone.“ The girl answered, still trembling. The boy suddenly began to laugh, looking at her with a wide grin.

„You are a big liar.“

„H-How can you say that?“

„Isn’t it obvious?“

„Tell me!“

„Noone wants to be alone. People don’t choose to be alone. The ones who are alone just ended up being it. They are not happy with it.“

„I am! At least like this noone will just leave me again.“

„Oh, so that’s why…Then…why don’t you tell me your story?“ The boy approached her again, but this time she didn’t try to get away from him. She just stood there, waited for him to come. As he was right in front of her he just let himself fall on the grass. The girl was so stunned that she couldn’t even move for a moment.

„Come on. Tell me.“ He tried to encourage her. At first she didn’t know what to do and clearly hesitated, but he was a stranger anyway. She could tell him a little bit, couldn’t she?

„O-Ok…I’ll tell you. Will you listen?“ The girl sat down beside him, blushing a little bit. She usually felt shy around other people. That’s why she liked living in the forest.

„Sure, I will. I asked you for it, didn’t I?“ He smiled at her. Immediately she felt at ease and started.

„My parents are poor and they had to abandon one of their children to make sure that the others’d survive. That’s why they sold me to an old man who looked for a cheap housemaid. But he didn’t like me, because I dreamt too much and didn’t work the way he wanted me to. That’s why he abandoned me as well. I walked around the village and didn’t know what to do when someone picked me up. It was an old woman. She asked me why I was there all alone. I told her why and she wanted me to live with her. She had a huge mansion and all her children left her so that she wanted someone to talk to, someone to help her in the house. I agreed. The time in the house was very cheerful. I was happy being there, but sometime she didn’t wake up again. Her heart stopped beating and that’s when another person left my life once again. Then…“

„Hey, hey, how long is this oh, my life’s so miserable – period gonna take? Haven’t you experienced any happiness that lasted longer?“

„No and I left the village, because everyone turned his back on me.“


„They thought I was crazy…Because of my wish and my dream.“

„And what’s your wish and your dream?“

„I…I…“ She hesitated.

„Will you laugh?“

„Why should I?“

„Because the other children did…“

„Well, I am not one of them. Just continue.“ Again he smiled at her and again she felt better just looking at him. It seemed almost like magic. How good she felt when she looked at him.

„I want to be someone.“

„Someone?“ He seemed surprised.

„But aren’t you already someone? You are you.“

„Yes, but…I don’t want to be like everyone else. I still didn’t find the thing that makes me different from others.“

„I guess, I kind of understand you…“ The boy replied. It seemed as if he was thinking about what the girl had just said.

„Really?“ Her eyes widened. Noone had answered this before.

„Sure, I do. Or do you doubt me?“ His facial expression suddenly changed. He was serious.

„No, no. I do trust you. Really, I do.“ She shook her head so much that her dark hair flew through the air.

All of a sudden the boy started to laugh really loud. His laughter was so loud that the whole forest seemed to laugh with him and the girl couldn’t help but stare at him. Stare at him and smile. He really was like a magician. He could laugh so easily, he could talk so easily and he could make her feel comfortable without any effort.

„You really are an interesting girl. Well, what’s your wish then?“ He asked after having finished laughing.

„My…my…wish?“ In an instant her face turned deep red and she started fiddling with her fingers.

The boy looked at her and she could see how one of his eyebrows raised. As she didn’t know what he was thinking she just blurted out her wish.

„I want time to be stopped for me and the ones I will love!“

As soon as she realized what she had done her face turned even more red and she didn’t know what to say. Into the silence she had created the boy suddenly started talking again.

„Then I wish you luck!“ Surprised by what he had said she couldn’t help but stare at him with her mouth wide open.

„What did you say?“

„I said: I wish you luck!“

„B-But…Shouldn’t you say: That’s impossible! What are you dreaming of or something like that?“

„Why should I?“

„Be-Because everyone says that it’s impossible.“

„And why should it be?“


„See? There’s no reason why it should be impossible. It is normal to wish for something like that. Things others think are impossible are always the most beautiful things in the world, so I wish you good luck in accomplishing it.“

„Do you think I can make time stop?“

„Who knows? Maybe you can even manipulate time. Maybe even I can do it to make time move backwards…to change what actually can’t be changed…Well, then…why don’t we try it, little girl? I hope we’ll meet again with our dreams and wishes accomplished.“ All of a sudden he stood up and left the forest. She couldn’t even stop him and all he left her were his words and a smile.

The girl herself left the forest with her parents some days later. They had come to look for her, because they felt guilty about having sold her to rescue their own lives. The villagers said that she was a really happy girl, cheerful, bright and always had a smile on her face.

She had become the little angel in this little village. But when she asked the others about the boy she had met in her darkest days noone could tell her anything about him. It was as if he had never even existed. Still he had fullfilled one of her wishes. He showed her what love was like, he taught her to believe even if noone else did and because of him she could finally smile from the bottom of her heart. Furthermore…she never stopped chasing after her dream and after her wish. She never stopped trying. In this little village the tale about the „little angel“ is still being told.

Some even say that she herself was the one who told this story to all the little children, always mumbling to herself: „I am sure that he fullfilled his dream. He did find his happiness somewhere. A place I am trying to find…“


Seid nicht ängstlich, gebt einen Traum nicht auf, weil andere sagen, dass es unmöglich ist. Jeder hat das Recht zum träumen. Entscheidet selbst, welchen Weg ihr einschlagen wollt. Wenn ihr denkt, dass ihr eure Entscheidung nicht bereuen werdet und sie euch glücklich macht, habt ihr meine vollste Unterstützung. Keine Angst. Wenn ihr zögert, möchte ich euch meine Hand reichen. Greift ruhig zu. Es stört mich nicht.

[I want to embrace you, because you deserve it]


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