Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star…

…how I wonder what you are~

Yes…what are you? What are we? What am I? The world, the stars, the nature. It would have stayed the same. Without us, it wouldn’t have changed at all. Maybe…Without us all these things would have been able to live in peace. And still we crave for more and more. When will we be satisfied?


We are selfish people. We were born selfish and we die selfish, because without selfishness we wouldn’t be able to survive at all. We need this characterism, still we detest it. We need this planet and still we abuse it. Yes, humans are illogical, even paradox. They aren’t perfect beings. We, we are just a part of this whole ecosystem. But most of us bear the wish that we might soon be reigning over nature and this whole planet.

Dreaming on and on and on…

Everything has an end, even a dream…


2 Gedanken zu „Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star…

  1. I wonder the same thing, but i just realized that id rather exist than not to. The world is too beautiful to pass up ^.^ Whether we live in a den of thieves or a pub of heroes; Life will simply be amazing<3

    • Thanks for the answer, Eric ❤ Well, yeah I think the same way, too and I somehow realized….Did I forget to write the end? Öö Well xD'' *laughs* It sounds kinda incomplete to me, but too lazy to overwrite it. Anyway, we aren't perfect, but we should live our life the best we can ^^

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